All Starred out

The nominations for the 2011 All Stars were announced last Thursday, resplendent in their new GPA livery. Each year I bleat that it’d be nice if they could share the wealth around a little and not concentrate on the All-Ireland finalists, but this year such an attitude could count against Waterford. If Dublin are to get more than one award – and surely they must given the year they’ve had – then it’ll put a squeeze on Waterford’s award-winning potential. A further crimp on Waterford’s hopes is that the area with our most likely winner (John Mullane) and the best hope of the romantics (Shane Walsh) is chock-a-block with potential winners – you can forget about the back division, no team that leaks seven goals in one game is going to get an award there. In the end, Mullane will probably get our sole award and Shane Walsh will have to hope that he carries the form he showed this year into an era without the likes of Henry Shefflin and Eoin Kelly as rivals.