Keep your friends close

Today’s Examiner is reporting that John Meyler has become the front-runner in the race to become manager of the Waterford hurlers, although as the image above shows Jamie O’Keeffe over at Hung For A Lamb had read the tea leaves correctly a week ago. If picking the Waterford manager is indeed a ‘race’ then it’s the 800m, long enough so that it’s not a sprint but short enough that the lead can change very, very quickly. Keep an eye out for Wilson Kipketer or Sebastian Coe coming up on the outside.

More headwrecking is trying to work out what game the Waterford County Board is playing at. When Jason Ryan was mooted as a possible candidate it represented the thrilling possibility of a complete break with the past, a past which has seen us come up short. If you view Waterford as occupying the same kind of ground as Limerick and Clare, we would be the ones who would do something dynamic rather than recycling the same old faces. Yet not only does it look like we’re going to the same lucky dip of managerial talent that probably has Steve Bruce somewhere near the bottom of it, we’re going for the guy who has won nothing of note. And that Clare fella won his Grand Prix with Waterford. Maybe we should box off  Justin McCarthy before Kerry poach him.