Torn a new one

In his interview about the art of acting with the creepy man who played the prison governor in Arrested Development, Hugh  Laurie joked that if you arrive at a party and can’t spot the asshole among the guests, then it means you’re the asshole. And at half-time in last night’s match against Cork we really looked like Division 1’s asshole, the county that every other county would take great pleasure in grinding into the dirt.

In the end it wasn’t all bad. While the eight-point margin felt about right in the overall context of the match, at least Waterford made a game of it in the second half, the gap being trimmed to five points at one stage and but for some careless shooting it might have been even closer. There was  a splendid point from Gavin O’Brien shortly after coming on which bodes well for his future and Martin O’Neill showed some promise. Tighter ball into the forwards, as opposed to the aimless bombs that went in for much of the game, and there might be something to work with up front. Perhaps John Mullane won’t have to carry the team this summer.

Alas, it’s same ol’ same ol’ at the back. The ease with which Cork took their three goals was dispiriting. The problems in the full-back line are self-evidently unresolved. Playing Michael Walsh at centre-forward might well be worth persisting with if you truly believe the League is a testing ground, but does anyone seriously think the best centre-back in the country will be anywhere other than centre-back come the Championship? Speaking of which, that was an ominously good effort by Clare in the Gaelic Grounds. That Davy Fitz – might not have been such a bad manager after all, eh?