For the wearing of the White

Oh Michael Moynihan, you cheeky monkey. His tweet on Tuesday evening told us there was a ‘significant‘ story about to break in Wednesday’s edition of De Paper.

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Given the turmoil that has been threatening to engulf Waterford hurling in recent weeks – funny how so many hacks were muttering about trouble in the Waterford camp yet they all seem to have missed the brewing revolt in Cavan football – you were wondering what horror was about to befall us.

In the end, it was the retirement of Declan Prendergast, hardly the most earth-shattering of events given he’s been on the go for over a decade now. It was telling that his most productive period in a Waterford jersey was near the end when he was playing at wing-back. Sprung from the bench in the 2010 Munster semi-final against Clare his contribution, which included three points, swung the match in Waterford’s favour and he retained the No 7 shirt for the remainder of the Championship.

It must have been an immense relief to him, because up until that point he was characterised as the man we turned to when the latest experiment at full-back fell apart. The famous photo of Ned Power came against the background of this charming invitation out of retirement – “Ned, would you ever come along on Sunday . . . we’ve no-one”. Declan Prendergast could probably relate to that, as time and time again we reverted to him in our hour of need.

And it is for that reason that Declan Prendergast will be missed. Not once did he tell us to shag off, that he was tired of being the fall guy and wouldn’t play unless picked in his best position. In fact, his attitude was that “every day I put on the Waterford jersey I treasured it“. And we can all relate to that. Best of luck to him in his retirement.

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