John Mullane’s career in numbers

(Updated below)

“It’s not just about the numbers” is the catch-cry of those trying to explain why the ten people their side has regrettably killed in the conflict should not be compared with the one The Other has most cruelly murdered.  Ahem. Before we get too political, let’s just leave John Mullane’s career Championship scores – the last three columns – for posterity.  NB I’ve cross-referenced the figures with those on and there is only one point of disagreement so we both must be doing something right. Have fun finding the discrepancy!

[table id=262 /]

Update: I’ve noticed that Waterford scored 1,102 points during John Mullane’s Championship career, of which he scored 177. So he scored 16% of our points in that time without ever taking a single free. Is it me or has it suddenly gotten cold in here?