Is it cowardly to pray for rain?*

It’s the opening day of the League of Ireland season, and any gallows humour about summer soccer was looking particularly appropriate this morning as granite skies frowned upon the RSC. Never in the course of blogging have I thought of myself as some kind of uberfan  – I did have pretensions to having the definitive Waterford GAA website that would attract eager readers from around the globe but that was a loooong time ago – but surely even anyone above casual about their support would relish the first game of a brand new season, laden as it is with possibility. That excludes me because the thought of huddling in a freezing stand slowly getting the consumption filled me with dread. I was hoping that the heavens would open and any thoughts of going to the game could be banished by the glow of a blazing home fire.

As it happens, the weather has cleared up beautifully, so it’s off to see the might of Finn Harsp I go – guilty conscience in tow. Come on the Blues.

*The title of the post refers to a comment made by a ‘viewer’ of the Guardian’s over-by-over coverage of the deciding Test in the 2002 Ashes.