The big boys are back in town

It’s bad karma after my meteorologically-related vacillation about going to the RSC on Friday night (as if the ending wasn’t punishment enough) that the weather is even more grim today, and it involves hauling my butt all the way down to Dungarvan. And yet there is no hesitation in attending this game. Is it down to a preference for both hurling and the hurlers? No doubt that’s part of it, but ultimately it’s because it’s Cork. I’ve argued several times about the benefits of a single-division League of Ireland and today’s game rams home one of those benefits – taking on one of the big beasts in the jungle is much more exciting than the fare on offer in the First Division, and that’s even when you factor in the strong possibility that we could be battered by a Cork team with their tails up after an opening round win over Tipperary. If you can’t get excited by the prospect of playing the Rebels, check your pulse.