A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

At the time of writing, I’ve just come off the phone with Ian Noctor of WLR talking about my inflammatory rant erudite dissertation on the merging of the councils and how it has come from a very bad place in south Kilkenny. I’m not sure how it went, but what I do know is that I mentioned how other counties function quite well with overlap between the GAA boundaries and the administrative ones, and cited the example of St Brigid’s at the weekend winning the All-Ireland club title for Mayo despite Ballaghaderreen being in Roscommon. The moment I said it I thought “have I got that right?” and, alas, the answer is I haven’t. Ballaghaderreen is in Roscommon and are the Mayo champions but I completely messed up the memory of a piece on RTÉ news at the time of the Connacht club final when St Brigid’s of Roscommon defeated Ballaghaderreen of ‘Mayo’. So if you’ve just arrived here with sharpened keyboard to point out the error of my ways then:

  1. Hi!
  2. I know! Mea culpa etc.
  3. D’oh!

Update 20/3/13: the podcast is now on WLR’s website. I come on at 2:15 in the first hour. Thanks to Ian and company for not making me sound like a complete loon.