A bargain at twice the price

Okay, I did not see that coming.

Waterford Minor hurling record v Clare to 2013

We have an okay record against Clare at Minor level – after last night it’s Played 21 Won 9 Lost 12 – but on only two occasions in the past have we really gone medieval on their asses, a 23-point win in 1968 and a 28-point win in *cough* 1948.

That’s a slightly random observation, so how’s about this for a more telling, but still cheerful, statistic. The Minors have managed to win at least one game in each of the last five seasons. You could argue that plenty of teams in the past might have won games had they received a second chance having lost to Tipperary, but it demonstrates how competitive we’ve been in that time. Not once in the last five years have we had a fill-yer-boots win over Kerry, and second chances are only useful if you have the capacity to take advantage of them – between 2003 and 2007 we played at least two matches a year but only won two out of twelve, one of them a facile win over (natch) Kerry. When we got clobbered by Tipperary last year you couldn’t help but wonder whether this glorious era for Waterford underage hurling – and I don’t think that is too strong a term – was coming to an end. I know everything could come undone against Cork at the end of June, but for now let’s luxuriate in the thought that the answer is ‘no. Mmm, 1948 . . .