Veni, vidi, vici

There was so much to enjoy about last night’s win for the Minors over Cork in Páirc Ui Rinn. It looks like it was a great game, two teams going at it in the proper manner in front of a large crowd – 3,671 is a mad number for a match between two teams of boys – at an appropriately sized venue in balmy summer conditions. To beat any of the big boys is thrilling. To do so after giving them a nine-point head start is even better. To close out the deal in such an emphatic manner, better again. Add in overcoming every bad break that the ref had in his bag of tricks and the knowledge that we’ll get at least two more games this summer – truly our cup runneth over.

And yet none of the above is the best thing of the lot. There was much expectation riding on this Waterford team going into the game. Players like Patrick Curran and Austin Gleeson were being touted as the real deal, while Stephen Bennett is as close as you’ll get to a veteran at underage level. You could argue that we shouldn’t be putting pressure on the players by having high hopes of them, but the hopes wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t confidence in their ability. It’s a compliment to say we believe they can go down and become the first Waterford underage hurling side to beat Cork on their own patch, and they rose to the occasion brilliantly. Isn’t everything brilliant?