Beaten but unbowed

30 Waterford v Kilkenny 13 July 2013

I might give the internet a wide berth for the next few days. Not because I’m upset over our loss to Kilkenny last night. No, it’s because I am so exhilarated by Waterford’s Rocky Balboa-like performance. Every time it looked like Apollo Creed had stitched together enough winning rounds, up would pop Rocky with a knockdown blow to win another round. In the end Apollo won out, but Rocky did himself proud. With all that in mind,  I’m going to switch off phones and laptops so as not to feed trolls going on about how Waterford left it behind or hadn’t the bottle or other lies. For lies is what they would be. I’ll wait for the dust to settle before giving my thoughts on what went down. For now, it’s enough to know it was a night when we should all be proud of the men representing the Déise. Let’s get ready to run up those steps…


2 thoughts on “Beaten but unbowed

  1. June

    Got in one…epic battle by a brave, young Team. End to end, they fought to the finish, and the quick last 3 points from KK didn’t leave us enough time to respond…lots to build on for the future.

  2. deiseach Post author

    I started the year very pessimistic about our future. Now it’s looking good. Let’s start today! 😉

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