Revenge of the Three Priests

While following Sunday’s Minor match on Twitter, we all joked that the game would probably end after the match we were watching in Thurles on the telly. These things are sent to try us, you know? And yet it ended up being pretty accurate for a horrible reason:

Thankfully it looks like Jude McCurdy is going to be okay, and that’s what matters above everything else. With regards to the game, as with the Seniors and their damned-if-you-do win over Westmeath the scale of the win was at the high end of what we would have hoped for from the game. One thing we could have lived without was a small sliver of uncertainty about the final outcome. I’m not joking here. Last week we saw Cork make an appeal against Pat Horgan’s red card in the Munster final. This should have been a slam dunk. Having being instructed to apply the rule book, James McGrath applied the rule book. Yet inexplicably a judgement came out which allowed Horgan to play. There was a tiny part of me waiting for some ill-fitting suit in a smoke-filled commitTEE room to decide that the precedent had been established in 1998. Any game that finishes early must be replayed. Waterford were 20 points up and Antrim had conceded? Doesn’t matter. Any game that finishes early must be replayed. While this scenario was highly unlikely, it would not have surprised me at all.

I’m tired. I’m paranoid. Sleep would be nice, but then I’d probably dream about Colin Lynch . . .