Let’s do it to them before they do it to us

23 Waterford v Kilkenny 11 August 2013 - Minor

I managed a small essay about the Senior final. This is going to barely amount to a big paragraph about the Minors. This isn’t an indication of what I care about the most. All my energies for tomorrow are focussed on throw-in at 1.15pm. But it’s hard to say anything original about them. Never stopped you before, sez you. Shut up, sez I, I’m not in a playful humour. Of two games I have seen, Waterford were soundly beaten by Tipperary and came out on top after a white-knuckle ride against Kilkenny. I think the talent is there to take home the Irish Press Cup – it’s curious how that name has stuck with me since the days when the Press was the paper of choice in our house; the in-house-style guide meant all references to the paper, even in the context of the Minor trophy, were in upper case. Pompous enough for any blogger. Anyway, I fear that while the talent might be there, the game plan is not. ‘Go out and play, lads’ might have worked fine back in the day when teams were thrown together between sessions for study for exams and sessions with a bag a cans, but to see a team play in such a freeform manner against Kilkenny, their seventh outing together this year, was mildly scary. Galway, on the other hand, are old hands at this. They are likely to have too much for us. We’re going to have to hit them so hard that by the time they know what’s happened, it’ll all be over. Say a little prayer…