The GAA according to Elliot Reed

The last time I used the National League tag for a post, I had this to say about the prospect of the League being changed to accommodate the freshly-relegated Rebels:

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Headquarters will be pleased to see that no one is safe. Maybe they’ll respect the integrity of the process. I’m happy to be proven wrong, and it’s why I’m hoping Clare beat Cork. If this happens and Cork are banished to the quicksands of Division 1B, I’ll be delighted to hold my hands up and say I misjudged those who run the association and their motivations. Should Cork lose though and the League is rejigged to keep them in the standards to which they are accustomed, I may find myself donning a tinfoil hat with all the other kooks claiming that those making the Championship draws don’t rattle those balls/hurleys in the pot with sufficient vigour.

While I was very confident about them at the time – no less an authority than SBB on Seó Spóirt said (as Gaeilge) that Limerick must be hoping for a Clare victory so the League would be changed – all through the summer I was conscious that I might have to eat those words. What would be an appropriate point at which to issue a mea culpa?

(And yes, I have used this gag before.)

I had a great big wedge of text about why this is wrong, but the Wexford County Board chairman Diarmuid Devereux says it far better. Now excuse me while I don my tinfoil hat.