Comment is free, but facts are sacred

Comments are few and far between on this website. At the time of writing there are only 263 262. That’s not very many for seven years worth of blogging, especially when you consider nearly half of them will be me replying to a comment. Most of the comments have been complimentary, or at the very least civil, and while a few have been abusive you’ve got to accept that a site founded on partisanship is going to ruffle a few feathers, no matter how much I want to avoid that.

However, when someone is using this space to make false accusations against me, the time has come to clarify matters.

The background to this is a snide comment I received saying I had deleted an article to save my blushes. Not only is this self-evidently ridiculous – if I were to go around deleting everything that made me look foolish there’d be nowt but tumbleweed on the site – but I was able to locate the article that contained what was the most likely source of this person’s ire. I emailed them, directing them to the offending article and advised that they might like to change their tune in the light of the new facts.

No reply has been forthcoming. If nothing else, this is rude. And it has made me realise that, for the avoidance of confusion and unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing, a comments policy is in order. It’s a simple one, inspired by a blogger who proceeds under the monicker of Bock the Robber. Bock is a bit angry to be a regular part of my internet usage. That doesn’t mean I think he’s wrong to be angry, just that it’s not for me. His comments policy though is a masterpiece of clear thinking. You can read it here. The essence of it is this:

  1. You can say what you like, but I don’t have to give it space here.
  2. I don’t have to explain why I won’t accept a comment, and no correspondence will be entered into on the subject.

Now you know.


2 thoughts on “Comment is free, but facts are sacred

  1. deiseach Post author

    Now you’re making me look foolish. Better delete this post…

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