A home of our own II

A good reason for having a child is that you can blame any form of inactivity on them. And that’s the last time I’ll ever use the word ‘inactivity’ in relation to my son, who is wreaking havoc around me as I type . . . but I digress. Haven’t shaved in a week? Haven’t the time because of the boy! Living off takeaways when mommy isn’t around? Haven’t the time because of the boy! Reduced blogging activity? Haven’t the time because of the boy!

None of those things is fair. I could shave, cook and blog regularly if I were so inclined. However, it is fair to say that your priorities change, and while shaving and cooking remain important, spending money on a website, even the relatively trivial amount that self-hosting costs, does feel like an extravagance.

Therefore this is the last post (and chorus, do-do-do-do) on comeonthedeise.ie. I’ll be picking things up again on deiseach.wordpress.com. Thank you to Alpha Design for putting me up/up with me for the last four years, and hopefully we’ll see a few of you back on the other side.