Super Bowl D

There are simpler ways of telling how Liverpool are faring in any particular match than looking at the number of pages on the appropriate match thread on The Liverpool Way website. Yet there is something soothing as you try to work out how well/badly things are going while not enduring the potential blow that is, well, the simpler way of looking up the score, in looking at the page count. If it is low, Liverpool are winning. If it is high, they are not. If it is very high . . . it was very high against Man Utd last weekend.

The process that sees supporters revel in going online to bathe in the acid of failure while giving a casual shrug to victory was also reflected on the Waterford GAA thread. There was almost complete silence during the game and even in its immediate aftermath. It was only through the week as the game today against Galway came into view that the debate was fired up again, and whaddyaknow the heart of the discussion was about how you couldn’t play like that against Galway and the negative tactics were a shame and Wexford weren’t up to much and Division 1B was no preparation for what was coming down the tracks…

Enough about all that. Having achieved the target for the year’s League campaign today’s game is the equivalent of a free ball, so let’s relax and look at a statistical quirk that has come together:

National Hurling League record - the first 499 games

Yes, today is Waterford’s 500th National Hurling League match! And how delicately poised is that overall record? P499 W233 D33 L233. This isn’t the whole story – you can find that here. This summary includes two walkovers, a concession to Offaly in 1925 (our very first scheduled game in the NHL) and the infamous strike postponement in 2008. It does not include three games from the 1920’s that were scheduled but I haven’t been able to find any record they were ever played or walkovers given. But enough with the negative waves! Let us instead enjoy the improbable symmetry of today’s game. And who knows? We might even win! Expect tumbleweed on if we do.