We don’t get no respect II

I had a comment a few weeks back on my rant about the Wexford People and my underlying belief in their underlying belief that you only have to give Waterford a nudge and the whole edifice will crumble. LCD fan said:

Think the Wexford people article is a pretty fair one having read it, I don’t think your point stands up that they wouldn’t publish the same sneaking suspicion that they could pull it off if they were playing Tipp for example .

That’s all well and good, LCD fan, but you’re assuming you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t have a massive chip on their shoulder [edit for clarity: that’s me, not the Wexford People]. I suffer from a chronic dose of confirmation bias, so when I saw SBB on Seó Spóirt chundering on about Limerick’s greater desire in his match preview, it was all I needed to hear. Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy.

If I had bothered to check other sources I would have found plenty to agree with my point of view on the game, i.e. that Limerick are heading in the right direction after a good win over Dublin and with copious amounts of talent coming through, but Waterford have done a better job in integrating our own recent glut of talent into the panel and are currently that little bit ahead of them – see here and here for such analyses. And in the end, that was to undersell our position as Waterford dished out a proper hiding in the second half, throwing up a remarkable stat:

I worry way too much about our standing in the game. I can’t gush about how far we have come from the abyss that was the 80’s in Waterford hurling and then expect others to not have their view informed by the abyss that was the 80’s in Waterford hurling. It’s not as if SBB is out to get us. I’m pretty sure his wife is from Waterford and he has frequently gushed himself in the past on Waterford’s progress. With that in mind, here’s a promise in advance of the final against Clare: they deserve to be favourites based on their pulverising of Kilkenny, a display even more impressive than the nine-point winning margin suggests as they played a sparkling brand of hurling and left the Cats chasing shadows for much of the game. Let the pundits have their say and que sera sera, okay?

NB this promise doesn’t cover anyone being unfair to us. Thank you, Donald Trump.