Crowd, Limerick, 2007

In early 1999, flush from a summer when Waterford showed they could win hurling matches, Come on the Déise! was born. Initial thoughts of the site developing into a startup behemoth in the style of Facebook – it was so long ago that I can’t even remember what the Facebook of the day was – soon crumbled beneath the increasing limitations of the Geocities model. Between 2004 and 2007 the site was in hiatus. Then along came WordPress with its free blogging model to give room to the less hyperactive Come on the Déise. A few years of angst-ridden commentary on the affairs of the Waterford senior hurlers followed before, inspired by the efforts of Willie Joe at the Mayo GAA Blog, I decided to compile an archive of Waterford’s results. This led to even more limitations to the WordPress model – tables are unwieldy and look terrible – which brought us to the third incarnation of Come on the Déise. A change in priorities in 2014 meant I could no longer justify the expense of self-hosting leads us back to the original WordPress site, naff tables included.

From March to May 2012 I wrote a general sports column for the weekly newspaper Tramore HinterlandAn archive of the articles is available here.

I can be contacted at deiseach@gmail.com.