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A spot of self-indulgence

Every blogger dreams that their viewpoint will be the essential, nay, definitive account of their chosen subject. Also, the temptation to meander off on any and every topic under the sun would leave you typing 14 hours a day. With that in mind, I’ve tried to stay focused on Waterford GAA in general and the hurlers in particular, with a record of everything I’ve done for Shankly Gates.

However, as we crank things up again for 2008, time for a diversion to the one truly beautiful thing I’ve ever created. Wednesday, 13th March 2002 – I remember the date as it was four days before I met my wife – and Liverpool were playing Barcelona in the Nou Camp. I was sitting two rows back near the corner flag, on the far right-hand side from the television cameras. It was right on half-time and Rivaldo was taking a corner. With the lag in digital cameras, I squeezed the button to take the photo just before he struck the ball, and got this:
Rivaldo, 13 March 2002

Worth a thousand words of Shakespeare.