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The Waterford 31er’s

There were some real hidings in Gaelic games today, with Laois falling back to earth after their win last weekend over the hated Biffs as Galway put 6-26 past them with only 0-8 in reply, while Armagh hockeyed Roscommon by 22 points in the National Football League. The latter result was doubly startling because on hearing it first I assumed it was in hurling. A victory like that is of truly gargantuan proportions in football, but it would have been bad even in hurling. With that in mind, I asked my brother whether I am the only person who always makes a mental note of whether the losers in such mismatches managed to lose by even more than Waterford did in the 1982 Munster final. It seems I am not the only only one. Truly the scars never heal.