Six of the best. Really.

The 2010 All Star nominations are out and predictably they are dominated by Tipperary and Kilkenny, something that you’t really object to given the once-again titanic nature of their clash in the All-Ireland final. With that in mind, it’s unlikely John Mullane is going to add to his haul. While he may deserve one on merit, there’ll be a temptation to choose all the forwards from the free-scoring types amongst the finalists, especially Tipperary, and especially especially if they can’t break out of the habit of giving one to Hobbling Henry – woe betide the selector who crosses that particular tradition.

In the back division, Clinton Hennessy hasn’t a hope. It’s Brendan Cummins all the way, despite that flub in the All-Ireland final that everyone will have seen. Michael Walsh and Tony Browne might have a chance, but the manner in which they were swamped by the Tipp half-forwards doesn’t bode well, and TB might still be around next year to get his lifetime achievement award.

We’re going to get at least one, which would leave two potential debut winners in Shane O’Sullivan and Noel Connors. O’Sullivan will win plaudits as one of the most improved in hurling this year, but he never really scaled the heights in a particular match which is why I think our lone award in 2010 will go to Connors who was one of our best players in the Munster finals, his hook on Michael Cussen the kind of, er, hook on which to hang an award. An All Star statuette would look good alongside a County Championship medal with Passage, and would certainly make for a more interesting Wikipedia entry for the man they call the Tiger Woods of The GAA. You could make it up.